Little Fountain Creek Stabilization Project

Little Fountain Creek Stabilization ProjectDescription of Project: Tezak Heavy Equipment has teamed with RESPEC to provide the design, construction and installation of stream stabilization measures to mitigate the lateral instability and degradation of Little Fountain Creek.  Little Fountain Creek is located west of Interstate 25 at the Ray Nixon Power Plant.  Since 2013 rain events had caused Little Fountain Creek to degrade and become unstable, placing facilities (Ray Nixon and Front Range Power Plants, Zero Dishchage Water Treatment Plant and Solids Facilities Handling and Disposal) at risk. The Tezak/RESPEC team provided complete engineering, design, and construction of the project, including complete installation of stream stabilization and all associated site civil work, geotechnical services, surveying, construction QA/QC, all necessary permitting, technical specification, construction management, and a comprehensive safety plan in compliance with OSHA.  The project was completed in two phases.  Phase 1 included a Study and Alternatives Analysis with a Pre-Design report to include 15%, 30%, and 60% design documents.  Phase 2 included the construction of the Project.  This project was unique due to time constraints placed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service Grant funding that required portions of the construction work to be completed in a two month time period.  We were able to successfully construct those portions of the work under the grant program while still designing the remainder of the project.