17LAR - Lake Ave Riprap

Description of Project:  The Tezak Team dewatered the entire site to allow for installation of riprap and bedding material at the inlet and outlet of the 78 inch CMP pipe as well as pipe invert repairs. We clear and grubbed the site of any trees (approximately 32) or brush as necessary for the placement of riprap materials. We then provided erosion control (BMP’s) as required for the entire project and installed sheet piling as needed to protect existing slope paving and cutoff wall at the pipe outlet.  Removal and re-installment of the cutoff wall and slope paving at the outlet end of the pipe per engineering drawings was performed.  Riprap was installed.  We disposed of any excess materials generated by excavation for riprap materials.  Re-establishment of all disturbed slopes to their original grades.    Reseeded and installed (staple down) erosion matting (straw) to establish and stabilize all surfaces disturbed.