Antero Dam

Antero DamDescription of Project:  Antero Dam was modified to meet present day engineering standards and regulations. The purpose of the Project was to re-grade the downstream slope of the dam, to install a filter sand blanket and toe drain system, and to provide a working platform along approximately 4,000 feet of the dam crest for the future construction of a barrier wall. The reservoir gage height was expected to be 16 feet during construction and influenced the groundwater elevation within the limits of the excavation for the toe drain system. The project required close coordination with Denver Water and generally consisted of: Site mobilization and demobilization; erosion and sediment control; dewatering; toe drain pipe excavation and installation with filter sand and filter gravel; installation of new manholes and extending existing manholes; placement of a filter sand blanket drain; excavating dam embankment and placing fill on the downstream slope; embankment toe access road; realignment of an existing access road and new dike; modifying existing instrumentation; excavation, foundation preparation, and placing fill for a new dike; wetland and reservoir protection; relocation of communication antenna; permanent erosion control.

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