CSU Stanley Canyon Dam

Description of Project: Construction of a temporary cofferdam and river diversion to facilitate working in the dry during construction of the interim risk reduction project, furnishing and maintaining appropriate dewatering systems for foundation dewatering, installing maintaining soil erosion and sediment control measures to meet best management practices, stripping and stockpiling topsoil for use in site reclamation, excavation, sorting and stockpiling of the existing embankment materials, demolition, removal and disposal of existing outlet works conduits and appurtenant structures, etc.

Project Materials:

  • Mobilization
  • Temporary Cofferdam & diversion
  • Excavate & Stockpile existing riprap
  • Excavate & stockpile existing embankment material
  • Utilities suppled riprap bedding from stockpile
  • Utilities supplied riprap from stockpile
  • Embankment fill
  • 6” PVC Drain Pipe
  • Topsoil
  • Seeding