Fountain Creek Channel Stabilization

Project Owner:


Tezak Heavy Equipment:

Danny Tezak: Danny Tezak 
Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner 
Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns
General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Description of Project:

Restoring approximately 3000 feet of Fountain Creek,
Constructing engineered log jams,
Constructing toe wood bank protection,
Constructing floodplain assemblages,Constructing low-gradient riffle structures,
Constructing buried boulder channel bank protection,
Installing bio-degradable fabric and soil-encapsulated lifts,
Restoring the confluence of West Bank Tributary.

Project Major Activities:

Value Engineering (Pre-Construction)                                                                 
Construction Surveying                                                                                     
Erosion and Sediment Control                                                                            
Red-Line Drawings                                                                                           
Work Zone Traffic Control                                                                                 
Earthwork – Onsite                                                                                   
Earthwork – Offsite (Export)                                                                      
Topsoil Harvesting & Re-Use                                                                       
Topsoil (Imported)                                                                                     
Clearing and Grubbing 
Select Material Harvested & Screened On-Site 
Select Material (Imported) 
Void-Filled Riprap (Type VH, D50-24 IN) 
Habitat Boulders (B18) 
Boulder Bank Protection (B36) 
Root Wad Logs, Toe Wood (Dia=1.5 Feet, Fan Dia = 3 Feet, Length = 30 Feet) 
Cut Logs, Toe Wood (Dia = 1.5 Feet, Length = 30 Feet) 
Slash (Small Branches, Limbs, Etc.) 
Live Willow Staking in Soil Lifts ( 2 Feet O.C) 
Coir Wrapped Soil Lift (Nedia Koirwrap 1200 or Equal) 
Nedia Koirmat 900 (Or Equal) 
Root Wad Logs, Log Jams (Dia = 1.5 Feet, Fan Dia = 3 Feet, Length = 30 Feet) 
Permanent Seeding (Upland) 
Permanent Seeding (Riparian) 
Landscape Planting (Riparian-Willow, 4 Feet O.C.) 
Landscape Planting (Riparian – Cottonwood, 10 Feet O.C.)
Water Control and Dewatering 

Project Location: El Paso County

Contract Amount at Award: $3,299,121.61

Final Contract Amount: $3,176,666.76

Anticipated Start Date: 2/17/2020

Actual Start Date: 3/9/2020

Anticipated End date: 6/18/2020

Actual End Date: 09/18/2020

Subcontractors: Hydro Turf Inc., NV5, Workzone


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