Timber Ridge Multi-plate Structure, Sheetpile Check Structures and Channel Bank Stabilization

Project Owner: Elite Properties of America, Inc. Land Development Division, 6385 Corporate Drive, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, Co 80919 (719) 592-9333

Tezak Heavy Equipment:

Overall Management: Danny Tezak 

Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Brandon Houser   

General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Project Superintendent: Tristen Larson


Description of Project:



Concrete Washout

Structural Concrete

Multi-Plate Arch Structure Includes Furnishing, Installing, and Backfilling a twin 24’ span x 10’4” high Multiplate Arch structure per the Contech design and shop drawings.  The Select Granular Structural Backfill material to be used within 6 feet of the structure is anticipated to be generated from onsite excavation operations.  If Select Granular Structural Backfill cannot be generated onsite, Imported Structural Backfill material is available.

Structural Concrete – Headwalls

Structural Concrete – Wingwalls

Structure Earthwork

Type H Soil Riprap

Removal of Trees

Channel Grading

Type L buried soil Riprap

Sheet Pile

Sheet Pile cap  


Project Major Activities:

Multiplate Road Crossing


Concrete Washout                                                       

Structural Concrete – Multi Plate Footing                       

Furnish & Install Multi – Plate Footings                         

Structural Concrete – Multi Plate Headwalls                   

Structural Concrete – Multi Plate Wingwalls                   

Structure Earthwork                                                   

Type H Soil RipRap                                                    

Channel Improvements

Removal of trees                                                        

Channel Grading                                                        

Type L Buried Soil RipRap                                            

Sheet Pile Cap                                                            


Project Location: El Paso

Contract Amount at Award: $1,409,173.09

Final Contract Amount: Pending

Start Date: November 4th, 2020

Anticipated End date: May 15th, 2021

Actual End Date: Pending

Subcontractors: Edward James Surveying Inc., PPC Construction, Inc., Vivid Engineering Group Inc.

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