Templeton Gap @ Siferd Blvd. Stream Stabilization

Project Owner: Colorado Springs Utilities, Jed Chambers; PO Box 1103, MC 920, Colorado Springs, CO 80907-1821

Tezak Heavy Equipment:

Overall Management: Danny Tezak 

Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Holly Fransua

General Superintendent: Troy Adair



  1. Site dewatering.
  2. Installation of riprap, ungrouted boulders, and channel fill
  3. Preparation of subgrade for placement of riprap and boulders.
  4. Civil work related to the grading and contouring of banks in the immediate area of work.
  5. Surface soil preparation to suit vegetation activities.
  6. Planting of specific seed mixture, broadcast seeding, hand or mechanical planting or alternative techniques.
  7. Monitoring site conditions for growth of noxious weeds after substantial completion date with regular status reporting to UTILITIES through Final Completion.
  8. Maintenance and removal of erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMPs) and maintenance of stormwater BMPs until the Work is stabilized and the stormwater permit is closed.
  9. Installation, maintenance and removal of Work Limit Fencing.

Project Major Activities:



EROSION CONTROL                                            

WATER DIVERSION & DEWATERING                      


SITE RESTORATION                                                

TRAFFIC CONTROL                                                

TRIPLE STACKED 3 FT BOULDER WALL                    


TYPE VH RIPRAP                                                 

3 FT UNGROUTED BOULDERS                                

3 FT BOULDER CHECK STRUCTURE                       

WALL REPAIR                                                                                                                                                                              


Project Location: El Paso

Contract Amount at Award: $256,393.48

Final Contract Amount: $256,393.48

Start Date: 03/08/2021

Anticipated End date: 05/28/2021

Actual End Date: Pending 

Subcontractors: Hydro-Turf and Edward James Surveying


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