Fountain Creek Stabilization at Hanson Trailhead Project

Project Owner: El Paso County, Veronica Cid, Department of Public Works, Engineering Division, (719)520-7653.


Tezak Heavy Equipment:
Overall Management: Danny Tezak

Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Holly Fransua       

General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Project Superintendent: Keith Martinez


Description of Project: During the incident period of May 4 – June 16, 2015, heavy rainfall produced heavy flows and flash flooding causing damage to this site in El Paso County in multiple storm events.  High velocity flood waters and massive volumes of Fountain Creek washed away and destroyed multiple areas on two sites of the Hanson Trailhead, in the general area of the pedestrian bridge, Fountain Creek embankment to the north of the bridge, and pedestrian trail.  Flash flooding caused erosion/scouring of the embankment, a large loss of embankment soil material, loss of riprap embankment stabilization material, loss of a section of multi-use trail, large woody debris deposition, damage to grouted riprap embankment protection, damage to soil cement trail base, and damage to the pedestrian bridge abutments.  Multiple flash flood events during the incident period exacerbated the damage.  This project consisted of excavating point bar; restoring approximately 600 feet of Fountain Creek; constructing bioengineered bank stabilization; constructing bioengineered bendway weirs and J-hooks; repairing damaged trail; constructing new trail; relocating salvaged pedestrian bridge and constructing new pedestrian bridge; seeding disturbed areas; constructing high flow channel. Tezak Heavy Equipment also provided expertise experience in the design coordination to reach the final 100% plans with the focus on access & staging; water control and dewatering; erosion control; material sourcing and availability


Project Major Activities:

Base Course

Bioengineered Stabilization, incl. placement of salvaged woody vegetation, boulders, and debris

Borrow, off-site materials, CIP.

Boulders (36 inch), CIP.

Bridge structure, including removal and salvage of existing bridge span, CIP.

Cast-in-place reinforced concrete

Clearing and Grubbing

Construction Staking, Surveying and Red-Line Drawings

Crushed limestone, trail surfacing

Dumped Riprap (12 inch), CIP.

Dumped Riprap (24 inch), CIP.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Grouted Boulders (36 inch), CIP.

Import and Placement of Toe Wood, length varies, CIP.

Placement of Available On-Site Toe Wood, length varies, CIP.

Planting of Cottonwood cuttings harvested along Fountain Creek, incl. harvest, CIP.

Removal and disposal of damaged concrete sidewalk

Removal and disposal of existing abutments to approx. 3-ft of caisson cut off

Removal and replacement of existing flap gate, including disposal

Removal and salvage of riprap, size varies

Removal and salvage of woody vegetation, boulders, debris

Seeding (Native)

Subgrade Prep. 12" at 95% compaction, compl.

Topsoil, harvesting and re-use, CIP.

Topsoil, imported, CIP.

Unclassified excavation, cut to fill, CIP.

Unclassified excavation, incl. placement on-site, CIP.

Water Control and Dewatering, CIP.

Willow Staking, CIP.

Work Zone Traffic Control


Project Location: El Paso

Contract Amount at Award: $1,991,829.03,

Final Contract Amount: Pending

Start Date: 11/19/2020

Anticipated End date: 04/14/2021

Actual End Date: Pending

Subcontractors: Bridge Brothers, Cardinal Points Surveying, Ground Engineering Consultants, Inc., LMS Drilling, Montano Concrete Corp., RMS Cranes, LLC., Smelker Concrete Pumping, Inc., Smith Environmental and Engineering

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