Northern Water Supply Project North Booster Pump Station Overflow Channel

Project Owner: East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District


Tezak Heavy Equipment:
Overall Management: Danny Tezak

Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Holly Fransua       

General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Project Superintendent: Jesse Ellis and Brad Frew


Description of Project:

Phase 1 of the North Water Supply Project included the design of a transmission pipeline and two booster pump stations. With the construction of the Phase 1 membrane treatment facility in 2012, additional pumps were added to the booster pump stations to increase total system pumping capacity.

The Phase 2 transmission system expansions allowed for increased delivery of treated water from the membrane treatment facility to the distribution system. This expansion included the addition of a new pump building at both the NBPS and SBPS sites.

Project Major Activities:

Mobilization and Demobilization

Utilities and utility locations

Gas Pipeline Protection


Fencing and temporary fencing

Site stormwater BMPs

Overflow channel

Sheet pile drop structures

Riprap and ACB road crossings

Seed and erosion control blankets

Concrete pond spillway and chute



Project Location: El Paso

Contract Amount at Award: $256,393.48

Final Contract Amount: Pending

Start Date: 01/05/2021

Anticipated End date: 05/28/2021

Actual End Date: Pending

Subcontractors: Arnold’s Ag Group, MLL Concrete, Mod Squad, RMS Cranes, Ground Engineering

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