20NCP Niver Creek at Ruston Park


Niver Creek at Ruston Park

Project Owner: Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, D.B.A. Mile High Flood District: 2380 W. 90th Ave. Federal Heights, Co 80260, 1-303-428-3526.


Tezak Heavy Equipment:
Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Ben Borton           

General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Project Superintendent: Brad Frew / Tim Provost


Description of Project: The proposed park improvements will include drainage

improvements including drop structures, buried storm sewer, outlet structures, and a

detention pond. Additionally, other improvements will include concrete-paved trails and an asphalt-paved parking lot. Buried utilities may be installed to service the new facility.


Project Major Activities:

Traffic Control                                                  

Water Control and Dewatering                           

Earthwork, Imported Fill                                     

Aggregate Base Course                                     

Concrete Curb and Gutter with 1-Foot Pan         

Concrete Curb and Gutter with 2-Foot Pan         

Concrete Sidewalk / Trail, 6-Inch Thick              

Concrete Sidewalk / Trail - Fire Lane, 7-Inch Thick         

Concrete Stairs                                                 

Concrete, Retaining Walls at Overlook

Hot Mix Asphalt (6" HMA)                                 

9' Inlet Structure with Side Wall Grates (5'x8'x9') 5-10 Foot Depth           

24' Inlet Structure with Side Wall Grates (6'x6'x24') 5-10 Foot Depth       

Picnic Shelter at Educational Area                                  

Picnic Shelter at West Picnic Area                                  

Park Lighting                                                                

Project Location: Douglas County

Contract Amount at Award: $2,499,668.07

Final Contract Amount: Pending

Start Date: 01/11/2021

Anticipated End date: 10/01/2021

Actual End Date: Pending

Subcontractors: Down to Earth Compliance, C&R Electrical Contractors, Asphalt Specialties, Edward James Surveying, MLL Concrete Construction, Work Zone Traffic Control



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