21WPS Wilkerson Pass Safety Project

Project Name: US 24 Wilkerson Pass Safety Improvements

Project Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation; Scott Schnake, 1480 Quail Lake Loop, Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, 719-659-8228

Tezak Heavy Equipment:

Overall Management: Danny Tezak
Engineer/Estimator: Bryan Danner

Health and Safety Manager: Dean Burns

Project Manager: Alex Padilla           

General Superintendent: Troy Adair

Project Superintendent:


Description of Project: This is a safety improvement project that includes shoulder widening, guardrail, cross slope improvement, HMA overlay, signing and striping


Project Major Activities:

Clearing and Grubbing                                                                  

Removal of Tree                                                                

Removal of Delineator                                                          

Removal of Curb                                                                          

Removal of Asphalt Mat                                                                

Removal of Asphalt Mat (Planing) - OVERRUN                                    

Removal of Ground Sign                                                                          

Removal of Sign Panel                                     

Removal of End Anchorage                                                            

Clean Culvert                                                                              

Sawing Asphalt Material (6 Inch)                                                    

Embankment Material (Complete In Place)                                         



Combination Loader                                                           



Erosion Log Type 1 (12 Inch)                                                         

Erosion Log Type 1 (9 Inch)                                                           

Silt Fence                                                                                   

Rock Check Dam                                                                          

Concrete Washout Structure                                                           

Vehicle Tracking Pad                                                                     

Removal & Disposal of Sediment (Labor)                                          

Removal & Disposal of Sediment (Equipment)                                    

Sweeping (Sediment Removal)                                                       

Removal of Trash                                                                         

Erosion Control Management                                                          

Reset Ground Sign                                                                        

Modify Guardrail                                                                           

Seeding (Native)                                                                

Soil Conditioning                                                                          

Spray-On Mulch Blanket                                                                

Mulch Tackifier                                                                            

Soil Retention Blanket (Straw-Coconut)(Biodegradable Class 1)             

Turf Reinforcement Mat (Class 1)                                                    

Aggregate Base Course (Class 6)                                                    

Hot Bituminous Pavement (Patching) (Asphalt)                                  

Hot Bituminous Pavement (Grading SX) (75) (PG 58-28)                       

Emulsified Asphalt (Slow-Setting)                                                    

Geotextile (Drainage) (Class 1)                                                       

Riprap (9 Inch)                                                                            

18 Inch Corrugated Steel Pipe                                                        

24 Inch Corrugated Steel Pipe                                                         

30 Inch Corrugated Steel Pipe                                                        

36 Inch Corrugated Steel Pipe                                                        

18 Inch Steel End Section                                                              

24 Inch Steel End Section                                                              

30 Inch Steel End Section                                                              

36 Inch Steel End Section                                                    

Guardrail Type 3 (31 Inch Midwest Guardrail System)                          

End Anchorage (Nonflared)                                                            

Fence (Plastic)                                                                            

Curb Type 6 (Section M)                                                                

Delineator (Type I)                                                                       

Delineator (Type II)                                                                     

Delineator (Type III)                                                                    

Sign Panel (Class I)                                                                      

Sign Panel (Class II)                                                                     

Steel Sign Support (2" Round) Post & Socket)                                    

Steel Sign Support (2.5" Round NP-40)(Post & Slipbase)                       

Rumble Strip                                                                               

Embankment Protector Type 3                                                       

Field Office (Class 2)                                                                     

Field Laboratory (Class 2)                                                              

Sanitary Facility                                                                          

Construction Surveying                                                                 


Public Information Management (Tier III)                                         

Pavement Marking Paint                                                      

Modified Epoxy Pavement Marking (Inlaid)                               

Survey Monument (Type 1)                                                           


Uniformed Traffic Control                                                    

Traffic Control Inspection                                                              

Traffic Control Management                                                           

Construction Traffic Sign (Panel Size A)                                   

Construction Traffic Sign (Panel Size B)                                             

Construction Traffic Sign (Panel Size C)                                   

Construction Information Sign                                              

Portable Message Sign Panel                                                          

Drum Channelizing Device                                                   

Drum Channelizing Device (With Light) (Steady Burn                  

Concrete Barrier (Temporary)                                                          

Traffic Cone                                                                     

Impact Attenuator (Temporary)                                           

Mobile Attenuator                                                                        


Project Location: Park County           

Contract Amount at Award: $3,022,307.61

Final Contract Amount: TBD

Start Date: June 7th, 2021

Anticipated End date: September 30th, 2021

Actual End Date: TBD

Subcontractors: American Striping, Cardinal, CPP, Cruz, Front Range, Granite, High Country, Hutton, Hydro Turf, JH Resources, Kiewit, Trax, Work Zone.



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