Perry Park Road Culvert Rehab


Description of Project: This project consisted of the rehabilitation of the culvert at Perry Park Road by slip lining the existing 72 inch host pipe with a 60 inch pipe and filling in the annular space with grout.

Project Major Activities:

•    Clearing and Grubbing
•    Removal of Tree
•    Clean Culvert
•    Embankment Material (CIP)
•    Sediment Control Log(12 Inch)
•    Concrete Washout Structure
•    Vehicle Tracking Control
•    Reset Fence
•    Seeding (Native)
•    Mulching(Weed Free Straw)
•    Soil Riprap (18 Inch)
•    Concrete Class D (Wall)
•    Annular Space Grouting
•    Culvert Lining (72 Inch)
•    Fence(Plastic)
•    Sanitary Facility
•    Traffic Control