South Boulder Creek

July updateOur design engineer will work with our landscape subcontractor to complete all final stabilization when we get more favorable weather. 

Description of Project: This project included generating an overall stream function uplift that was based on a measurable performance standard. This also included optimizing instream habitat while considering the limited flow regime of the project reach; stabilization of banks and the channel bedding, protecting existing diversion structures. During this project we also improved the natural riparian habitat (near stream disturbed areas) included establishment of appropriate soil horizons, vegetation communities, and basic riparian functions such as restoration of off-stream wetland that was impacted by the flood. By completing all the improvements of this project it was done in a way that didn’t cause a rise in the regulatory floodplain. Specific to the stream uplift, it was imperative that restoration provided measurable and sustainable improvements to defined habitat suitability metric required for DW to meet its mitigation required. As such, this project approach we used emphasized creation of riffle/pool complexes, increasing the channel thaleg depth, stabilizing banks, increasing the amount of pool habitat and improving the quality of pool habitat. Our design considered sediment transport and we used this information to design improvements that limited fine sediment accumulation in riffles while maximizing thalwag and pool depths. By using biodegradable materials in the equipment used for this project we avoided possible contamination within the stream.

Project Major Activities:

  • Project Coordination
  • 30% to 90% plan set
  • Stamped Plan Set & Design report
  • Permitting
  • Construction
    • Channel Grading and shaping
    • Riffle construction
    • Boulder habitat clusters
    • Large woody debris features
    • Bank Stabilization
    • Rock for riffles
    • Rock for Bank stabilization
    • Bakfill Erosion Gully W/ Cobble
    • Remove Debris Dam
    • Wetland Outet Grade Control
    • Remove Excess Sediment & Haul offsite
    • Shrubs for Bank Stabilization
  • As Built Survey
    • Trimble GPS w/ Grade checker
    • Engineering Sub – ERC
  • Fatcher Wetland Restoration
    • Excavation
    • Material Removal
    • Fine Grading
    • Design & Permitting