AHRA Point Bar Access Road Repairs

November update: Project is complete. Good job to everyone involved!

Description of Project:  Colorado Parks and Wildlife has requested Tezak Heavy Equipment Co., Inc. to repair the flood-damaged access road to the Point Barr area of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA). Work will occur at two main areas and includes earthwork, placing fill and riprap, grading, placing cast-in-place reinforced concrete, removal of an existing MSE wall, installation of a block retaining wall and guardrail installation.

Major Activities


Excavation (sediment removal)

Structural fill

1" nominal aggregate/rock at apron

7" thick (fiber reinforced) concrete apron (grooved)

7" thick (fiber reinforced) concrete apron (broom finish)

Riprap (d50 = 18") over geotextile

Construct ditch and place riprap (d50 = 12") over geotextile

Place riprap (d50 = 12") over geotextile along road

Boulder toe

Retaining wall demolition

Gravity block retaining wall

Concrete foundation


Earthwork and backfill

Gabion baskets

4 ft rock barrier below wall

Furnish, place and compact fill to reestablish access road

Riprap (d50 = 12") over geotextile at existing access road culvert

Seed and erosion control blanket