BTWC Big Thompson River Restoration

July update: The crew has completed work on BTW. Ecological Resource Consultant is currently working on final stabilization with Western States Reclamation.

Description of Project: This Project work began at US 34 bridge west of Glade Rd and ends just upstream of Morey Open Space, and included approximately 5,000 Linear Feet of river corridor. This area suffered extensive damage from the 2013 flood. The flood caused channel avulsion which completely filled and abandoned the old channel. The restoration treatments for this project includes bank stabilization structures, erosion and sediment control structures, floodplain grading and a bench creation. Channel realignment will include re-establishing the low flow channel, in-channel structures, and protection of infrastructure, earthwork, and revegetation.

Project Major Activities:

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Channel Excavation Cut
  • Temp Silt Fence
  • Woven Coir Fiber E/C Matting
  • DBL Layer Coir Fiber E/C Fabric
  • Boulder J-Hooks
  • Boulder Mini Vane
  • Boulder Cluster
  • Woody Debris Toe Protection
  • Boulder Toe
  • Lower Riparian Seed Mix
  • Upper Riparian Seed Mix
  • Upland Seed Mix
  • Wetland Seed Mix
  • Live Staking
  • Live Brush Layering
  • Container Grown Plants
  • Temp Irrigation
  • Biosol Forte
  • Imported Topsoil