Clear Spring Ranch Sludge Line bank Protection

January update: To date, Jesse and his crew have installed about 90% of the boulders, and continue to grout on a daily basis. Construction shall be finished by the end of February.

Description of Project:  Colorado Springs Utilities (UTILITIES) has requested Tezak Heavy Equipment Co., Inc. to construct the Clear Spring Ranch Sludge Pipeline Bank Protection project to address stream degradation that is endangering the operation of the sludge pipeline and to stabilize an eroded bank on Fountain Creek on Clear Spring Ranch. Erosion at the project location has resulted in the development of a significant vertical bank that is continuing to migrate westward. Stabilization will be accomplished through the construction of double stacked grouted boulders, installation of steel sheet pile, and placement of riprap and other miscellaneous and appurtenant items in Fountain Creek. The project begins approximately 750 upstream of the Owens & Hall Diversion Structure and extends approximately 1100 feet upstream.