Denver Water Williams Fork Restoration Project Design/Build

October update: Project has been completed and crew has moved out.

Project Description: The overall goal of the Project is to restore aquatic resource functions and habitat complexity to two reaches of the Williams Fork River, above and below the Williams Fork Reservoir in Grand County. Restoration will total approximately 2-river miles and will result in improved low flow conditions, instream diversity, channel stability, and streamside vegetation. The construction of this project included riffles, pools, point bar, boulder cascades, and point bars. There were 3 phases of this project to be completed. Phase 1 was to develop the 90% and final design plan set for the portion of the lower reach. After design this portion was to be constructed. Phase 2 involved designing the remainder of the lower reach. Phase 3 was design of the upper reach. Both phase 2 and 3 were to be constructed after peak runoff. All construction phases were to be completed by the 1st of October, 2018.

Project Major Activities:

  • Channel Grading
  • Angular Rock for Riffles, cascades
  • Cascade Drop Structures
  • Riffle/Pool Sequences
  • Import Rock/Logs
  • Material Disposal
  • Trees
  • Leak Protection Materials and Water Control
  • Erosion Control and Access Revegetation
  • Lower Reach Survey and Const Management
  • Upper Reach Survey and Const. Management
  • Channel Grading and Shaping
  • Angular Rock for riffles and shaping
  • Riffle/Pool Sequences
  • Import Rock/Logs and Install
  • Material Disposal
  • Leak Protection and Water Control
  • Erosion Control and Access Revegetation