Douglas County Big Dry Creek

Description of Project: This project consisted of debris removal and the installation of a liner into a 126" host pipe to improve current culvert status. Site restoration completed the project.

Project Major Activities:

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Removal of Tree
  • Clean Culvert
  • Sediment Control Log(12 Inch)
  • Silt Fence
  • Concrete Washout Structure
  • Vehicle Tracking Control
  • Removal & Disposal of Sediment
  • Erosion Control Supervisor
  • Inlet Protection (Sump)
  • Sweeping (Sediment Removal)
  • Reset Fence
  • Seeding (Native)
  • Mulching(Weed Free Straw)
  • Soil Riprap (18 Inch)
  • Annular Space Grouting
  • Culvert Lining (126 Inch)
  • Fence(Plastic)
  • Sanitary Facility

Change Orders

Martinez Ranch: Earthwork, rip rap, and sheet pile trimming at Martinez Ranch

Sandstone Ranch: Pond sediment dredging

Fox Sparrow: Grading at Fox Sparrow turn lane