Lorson Blvd Bridge over Jimmy Camp Creek

October update: All sidewalks and barriers have been set and poured.

Description of Project: The Lorson Boulevard project included construction of a bridge over jimmy camp creek. Construction included almost a thousand cubic yards of structure excavation and over a thousand cubic yards of structural backfill with class 1 rock. The bridge was built using class D concrete and over 15 thousand pounds of steel reinforcing.  This project started out doing site preparations and earthwork and then moving on to drilling the caissons. The next thing we did was set the pier columns and cap them. We installed 30” riprap and filter material and laid down fabric as well. After the abutment prep were installed the H piles and moved onto abutment 1 and 2. Once we completed that we started on the 24” riprap and set the girders and deck pans with the overhang. Once the abutments were complete along with the diaphragm and wings we poured the deck. We then put in the sidewalk and utility conduits. The rest of the concrete work was finished out with installment of the railing and bike path. We finished this job with mechanical reinforcement of soil.

Project Major Activities:
•    Mobilization
•    Tracking Pad
•    Concrete Washout
•    Embankment (from onsite sources)
•    Filter Material ( class A)
•    Structure Excavation
•    Structure Backfill (class 1 )
•    Mechanical reinforcement of soil
•    Geotextile (drainage)(Class 1)
•    Piling(HP 14x89)
•    Drilled Caisson (36 inch)
•    Riprap(24 Inch)
•    Riprap(30 inch)
•    Concrete Class D (bridge)
•    Reinforcing Steel
•    Reinforcing Steel(epoxy coated)
•    Bridge Rail Type 7 (special)
•    Transition Type 3 G
•    End anchorage (flared)
•    2”Diameter SCH 80 PVC
•    4” Diameter SCH 80 PVC
•    12.5” Carrier Pipe Assembly
•    Prestressed Concrete
•    Trail
•    Prestressed Concrete