Pinion Bridge Bank Stabilization - 18PBS

July update: Our project foreman has been overseeing all final one-site stabilization and our landscape subcontractor is completing all of their work.  Great job to everyone involved with this project!

Description of Project: This project consists mainly of channel stabilization by placing stone riprap and wrapped soil lifts; revegetation including, riparian and upland seeding, erosion control blanket and cottonwood pole and willow stake planting; clearing and grubbing; water control and dewatering; erosion and sediment control; and excavation of embankments. Tezak excavated materials out and aligned the channel and added 4 bend protection areas. This included grading and riprap placement to stabilize the channel. Seeding and vegetation erosion control was completed by installing willow stakes, mature cottonwood trees, riparian seeding, and brush layers after riprap and channel alignment activities.

Project Major Activities:
•    Mobilization
•    Traffic Control
•    Water Control and Dewatering
•    Clearing and Grubbing
•    Erosion and Sediment Control
•    Earthwork( Cut and Fill)
•    Earthwork( Excess cut)
•    Riprap Bend Protection
•    Riprap VH
•    Brush Layering
•    Coir Fabric
•    Soil conditioner
•    Riparian Seeding
•    Upland Seeding
•    Willow Cuttings
•    Cottonwood Poles
•    Mature Cottonwood Trees