Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Restoration Project - 19KCR

August Update: This job is complete.  Jesse and his crew did a great job on another successful project!

Description of Project: The U.S. Air Force Academy has a number of natural waterways that fall within Preble’s meadow jumping mouse habitat. Some of these drainages are being degraded by excess runoff associated with land use changes off-base and changing rain event frequencies and intensities. The increased influx of water through these systems is exacerbating erosion issues within the natural waterways. Increased erosion rates are causing head-cutting and channel incision, which negatively impacts the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse habitat. The restoration work associated with this opportunity addressed erosion concerns and increased habitat through stream channel modifications and revegetation.  The scope of work consisted of providing earth work and construction support to Colorado State University Channel stabilization and erosion control are the objectives of construction support and wee required to support habitat management objectives. There are two sites that were restored during winter 2018/spring 2019. Site #1 is the Lower Kettle Creek site and site #2 is the Lower Black Forest Creek site.

Project Major Activities:
•    Mobilization
•    Erosion Control
•    Water Control
•    Clear & Grub
•    Unclassified Excavation
•    Rock Cross Vane
•    Riprap Sill
•    Boulder Step Wall
•    Koirwrap
•    Nedia C400B Coconut Blanket
•    Site Reclamation