Wolf Ranch Tributary 4 Channel Project - 19WRD

July update: The crew has completed all contract work on site.  Great job to everyone involved with this project!.

Description of Project: The Wolf Ranch Tributary 4 Channel Project consists of a series of boulder cascade drops using void filled riprap, including excavation, grading and the installation of rip rap.

Project Major Activities:
•    Mobilization
•    Water Control
•    Clear & Grub
•    Topsoil, Excavate, Stockpile, and Replace
•    Earthwork, Excavation and Fill On-site
•    Import Embankment
•    Soil Rip Rap
•    Riprap, Void-filled Type M
•    Riprap, Void-filled Type H
•    Boulders, 24-Inch to 30-inch (Boulder Cascade) 95/ DROP
•    Boulders, 36-Inch (Anchor)