Rock Creek

Description of Project: The proposed work includes, approximately 620 lineal feet of creek bed channel/bank rework/reinforcement to protect two existing pseudo-municipal water pipelines (sole-source) in two locations in Rock Creek, which now are exposed/nearly exposed, and vulnerable to freezing/washout. Approximately 1,780 lineal feet, redirecting mesa surface runoff which now enters pseudo-municipal water ditch, to eliminate damaging infiltration/sedimentation which now threatens water storage for non-profit small water district/low income users (300 taps, sole-sourced). Approximately 1,410 lineal feet, or reinforcing/restoring existing bypass channel for ravine runoff past water storage facilities, both to protect the storage and to restore watershed to proper, state-mandated bypass channel. Approximately 120 lineal feet, hardening of washed-out natural runoff channel crossing at spillway outlet of water storage. Approximately 480 lineal feet, hardening of washed-out natural ravine watershed flow channel where excessive erosion threatens pseudo-municipal water system.