San Miguel River Valley Floor


San Miguel River Valley FloorDescription of Project:  In the early 1900’s the San Miguel River was channelized (straightened) through the western part of Telluride and immediately downstream of Town to accommodate industrialization. Currently this channelized condition results in very poor aquatic habitat, causes excessive streambank erosion, and prevents the river from accessing its natural floodplain. The Valley Floor River Restoration Project will return the river to a natural, meandering alignment in a location on the Valley Floor where the river was flowing prior to its channelization. Specifically, the restoration work will occur between the west edge of Telluride and approximately one mile downstream towards Boomerang Road. Presently, this reach of the river has the lowest habitat rating of all portions of the river on the Valley Floor. Returning the river to a natural alignment will greatly enhance the aquatic and wildlife habitat of the Valley Floor in the long-term.               Old channel