SDS Fountain Creek CM/GC

SDS Fountain Creek CM/GCDescription of Project: Tezak has been awarded the contract to provide pre-construction services and complete construction services for the SDS Fountain Creek Diversion project.  The project concept includes the following elements:  1) A new grade control drop structure and diversion intake structure in Fountain Creek at a location downstream of the Old Pueblo Road Bridge and a new trapezoidal, earth-lined, irrigation ditch.  2) A stilling basin/intake structure at the east side of the grade control structure to divert water into a new open-channel irrigation ditch.An irrigation ditch along the approximate proposed alignment that will convey flows of up to approximately 17 cfs from the stilling basin to the existing Frost Ditch located approximately 3,000 feet downstream on Fountain Creek. 3) A flow measurement structure consisting of a reinforced concrete Parshall flume equipped with measuring staff, walkway, or acceptable alternative. 4) A grouted-boulder, sloping drop structure below the crest-elevation of the grade control structure to meet the downstream channel invert elevation