Drainage/Flood Control

Tezak Heavy Equipment provides drainage and flood control services to many municipalities throughout Colorado.

 Many years of urbanization of watersheds in Colorado has caused severe degradation of streambeds and other water channels, making many bridge piers, banks, and other structures vulnerable to failure.  Stabilization of these watersheds is critical to protect people, property, and the environment from flooding. Tezak Heavy Equipment has over 20 years experience dealing with urban drainage and flood control.  We can obtain and administer all required permits, including 404 permits, CDPHE 401 and 402 permits and other local governmental permits. In addition to water control measures, we also install and maintain erosion control and sediment control measures.  We have worked with many public works jurisdictions throughout Colorado; United States Air Force Academy, the City of Colorado Springs, the City Pueblo, the City of Canon City, the City of Florence, Colorado Springs Utilities, and many private owners and general contractors to name a few.

Tezak Heavy Equipment was the first in the United States to use an innovative partially-grouted riprap technique originally developed in Germany in the 1980s, This technique  involves partially filling voids between rock with Portland cement-based grout.  This system can withstand hydraulic forces associated with a 500-year flood event, is thinner, easier to install, and less expensive.