Heavy Highway

Tezak Heavy Equipment has extensive experience in building highways and bridges throughout Colorado.

Our nation’s infrastructure is of extreme importance to the stability of our country.  Increased stress to our highways and bridges by more and more drivers makes it imperative that these systems be improved.  Tezak Heavy Equipment is pleased to contribute our expertise to the improvement of our country's roads and bridges.  We are licensed as a Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming Department of Transportation general contractor and, in addition to building roads and bridges, we are one of the few contractors called in during Colorado state emergencies, such as winter storms, flooding, and rock slides.

We have a successful track record on a number of diversified heavy/highway projects built to Department of Transportation specifications. These projects include US highways, state highways and bridges, county roads and a number of private subdivisions.  Prior to our bidding process, our Company President, Project Manager and Estimator take the time to review the Project Special Provisions to ensure all details of the project are included in our bid.  We have several years of experience working with CDOT, the Army CORPS of Engineers, and other agencies that have strict and set specifications.  We believe in doing work right the first time, no exceptions!

We meet or exceed owner expectations for budgets and schedules and offer value-engineering to save costs for both private and public owners alike.  We have developed and maintained strong relationships with quality paving subcontractors so that projects are done at the highest performance level.  We also use cutting edge technology to construct our projects to spec and under budget.  Tezak Heavy Equipment pioneered the use of CON/SPAN® bridge technology as a valued engineered option to CDOT in lieu of a cast in place box culvert for the State Highway 24 project in Leadville, CO.  CON/SPAN® is a patented modular precast system for total set-in-place construction of bridges, culverts, underground structures and environmentally acceptable alternatives for underground containment.

In addition to CON/SPAN® bridge technology, we are one of the few contractors in Colorado to use a styrofoam block system to repair highways and stop the landslide of roads.  We used this technology for the US Highway 50 Cerro Summit project in Montrose County, CO.  This system involves using the blocks under a concrete cap to shore up the roadway and stop the roadway landslide.