Waterway Enhancements

Tezak Heavy Equipment provides a team of exceptionally trained supervisors and equipment operators who are both educated and skilled in constructing natural river and stream restorations, fish habitat, and recreational waterways.

One important consideration on any waterway enhancement project is the amount of time it will take to complete the construction phase. Communication and experience of the on-site supervisors and operators as well as project managers are also of utmost importance. Many regulatory agencies, such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Army Corps of Engineers have increased their level of supervision and inspections on projects constructed in waterways, not only inspecting environmental impacts but also the competence of the team executing the project plans. Tezak Heavy Equipment holds a long and successful history as one of Colorado's premier construction companies with extensive experience in natural river and stream enhancement. We have demonstrated time and again our commitment to complete projects with exceptional speed and efficiency due to our large fleet of specialized equipment and experienced equipment operators.

We offer a design / build approach, wherein we team up with Ecological Resource Consultants, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in stream and fishery enhancements. Together with ERC, we offer a natural approach to any waterway enhancement project. We believe that in order to restore and improve the ecological functions and values of a waterway system, that waterway and its ecosystem are best served when improvements mimic natural forms. Our work aims to replicate these natural characteristics using proven techniques that are structurally stable, ecologically balanced and aesthetically appealing.

Waterway EnhansementsWhere fish habitat requirements are paramount, Tezak Heavy Equipment has extensive experience in installing Riffle/Pool/Glide sequences to provide fish with the necessary diversity they need. Riffles oxygenate the water, assisting fish through seasonal hardships when extreme air and water temperatures may become life threatening, providing the necessary criteria for post-spawn egg deposits to develop properly, and allowing aquatic insects to develop and later emerge providing a reliable food supply for fish. Pools provide a deeper habitat holding area where fish are for most of the day and during seasonal hardships. Glides are the transitional areas between riffles and pools allowing the fish to travel and feed when their daily requirements change.

Recreational waterways are immensely popular in Colorado and Tezak Heavy Equipment also offers our experience with municipal river walk projects as well as natural kayak parks and pools for our boaters and swimmers. In addition, our Riffle/Pool/Glide sequencing provides ideal areas for fly-fishing.