Delivery Methods

Tezak Heavy Equipment offers a wide variety of delivery methods, depending on client needs and requirements.

The traditional Design/Bid/Build gives the Owner the best and lowest price for a project pre-designed prior to bid.  Many of our roadwork is built with this method for Owners such as state and federal Department of Transportation departments and many municipalities that have limited public funds for each project.

The Design/Build method of delivery is used for more complex projects that typically starts with only an Owner concept and a location.  This method allows for more innovation, efficiency, faster schedules and the ability for us to deliver more project than the Owner requests or expects. Tezak Heavy Equipment offers our own design services using our in-house engineer and construction experts.  We also team up with some very innovative design engineers if needed.

The CM/GC or CMAR, method of delivery is, again, used for more complex projects that requires more contractor input in the design phase of the project.  Typically brought on board at the 30% design level, Tezak Heavy Equipment works with the Owner’s contracted or in-house engineer to complete the remainder of the design phase.  This allows us to establish a more collaborative relationship between us, the Owner, and Designer and gives us the ability to steer the design to the construction strengths of the project.  This method allows us to deliver more project for the same budget due to our value engineering ideas during design.

We have established many relationships with clients throughout the state of Colorado, both public and private alike.  These Owners have trust in us as a contractor and come to us on the basis of a Sole Source or Negotiated delivery method.  Many times these Owners have an incomplete design, which we add our own value engineering ideas to complete the project.

The Task Order based delivery method allows us to pre-qualify for an annual umbrella contract for like-kind projects.  We then compete with other pre-qualified contractors for each task order.  This allows us to offer our clients our best “niche” projects for the best possible price.  Many of our drainage projects for different municipalities are delivered with this method.