Drug and Alcohol Policy

SUBJECT:    Drug Free Policy and Consent to Test

This policy statement confirms that all Tezak Heavy Equipment, LLC workplaces are drug-free places of employment.  You agree with and adhere to this policy.  Since being drug-free is also a requirement for initial hire as well as continued and ongoing employment, my signature below also indicates my willingness to submit to pre-employment, post accident or post incident,  reasonable suspicion, return to work or follow up, and random drug testing at such times as the company should determine necessary to verify my drug-free status.

Reasonable suspicion testing may be performed if the employee’s supervisor and at least one other company official believe that an employee of Tezak or Subcontractor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The basis for this determination will be specific and contemporaneous observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors of the employee.  The employee’s supervisor or another company official will immediately relieve the suspect employee from all responsibilities and job-related work functions, and make arrangements for the employee to be taken to a testing facility.

Tezak Heavy Equipment, LLC expressly prohibits its employees and subcontractors while working, while driving a company vehicle, or while driving any other vehicle on company business from:

  1. Being under the influence of alcohol, an intoxicant, a legal drug (an over the counter or prescribed medication) that impairs ability to drive, operate machinery or otherwise safely perform work, or an illegal drug or narcotic; or having illegal drugs or their metabolics in their system.
  2. Having, possessing, selling, giving or circulating drugs or sources of drugs, intoxicants, illegal drugs or narcotics to other employees or to anyone else; and
  3. Using or possessing alcohol while on duty.

“Illegal drug” or “drugs” includes, but is not limited to, any of the following substances:

          Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates / Phencyclidine (PCP), Amphetamines, and Hallucinogens.