US 24 Trout Creek Pass

US 24 Trout Creek PassDescription of Project:  The improvements to US 24 Trout Creek Pass modified the existing two-lane configuration of the highway by installing two uphill, east bound passing lanes. The project consisted of improvements to two segments of the roadway: the first began at approximate milepost 217.0; the second segment began at approximate milepost 220.5. Improvements at Site 1 included widening the existing road to the west, realignment of the road by blasting and removing the rock slope to the west, and widening both sides of the roadway. The widening and realignment required construction of new rock cut slopes and re-excavation of existing rock slopes at 6 locations with maximum cut heights ranging from approximately 32 feet to 77 feet.  Existing corrugated steel pipe and concrete box culverts were extended.  Improvements at Site 2 consisted of widening the highway on the east side.    Corrugated steel pipe drainage culverts were extended as well as a concrete box culvert.  A new 36-inch reinforced concrete pipe was installed across the highway to replace an existing corrugated steel pipe.  The project started in July of 2015 and was complete in October of 2017.