West Big Dry Creek at the Links Golf Course Channel Stabilization

Big Dry Creek

Description of Project: The completed project provided the owner with the following: 1. Installation of void-filled riprap channel lining and bio-engineered bank protection for stabilization of an eroded drainageway and storm sewer tributary channel.  2. Construction of four (4) drop structures consisting of void-filled riprap and loose boulders. 3.  Grading and earthwork, including use of on-site excavations. 4. Installation, maintenance, and removal of erosion control measures. 5.  Restoration of the site including reseeding/mulching, installation of erosion control blanket, and supplemental tree and shrub plantings.

The final constructed project included the following major quantities:

  • Water Control
  • Traffic Control
  • Site Restoration and Landscaping
  • Topsoil 
  • Earthwork 
  • Type H Riprap 
  • Type M Riprap 
  • 24”-30” Boulders 
  • 36” Boulders 
  • Soil Riprap 
  • Void-Filled Riprap