Westerly Creek Improvements 11th Ave. to 13th Ave. Design Services

Westerly Creek ImprovementsDescription of Project:  Tezak Heavy Equipment was selected as part of the design team for the Westerly Creek Improvements Project.  The purpose of this project was to retrofit three reaches of the Westerly Creek corridor to include channel sinuosity, riparian elements, shallow overbanks, and a concrete pedestrian path for nearly 1,200 LF of stream restoration work.  
Major work items included grading, water control, soil riprap installation, concrete and asphalt removal, asphaltic pavement, boulder walls, re-vegetation, and site furnishings.   
Project Location: The project was located along Westerly Creek bounded on the south by 11th Avenue and on the North by 13th Avenue.  The major nearby cross streets were Yosemite Street 2 blocks to the east and E. Colfax Avenue 2 blocks to the North.  

The Owner requested major change orders to this project, one of which included the redesign and stabilization of the channel at 11th Avenue.  The stabilization efforts for this change order included 36” boulder edging and wall, a concrete sidewalk trail, and fencing.

Another major change order requested by the Owner was the construction of the sanitary sewer services, which included the installation a 15” Diameter SDR 35 Sanitary Sewer realignment through our existing UDFCD Westerly Creek Channel Project.  The project consisted of installing approximately 602 linear feet of 15” diameter SDR 35 sewer pipe, construction of six new sanitary sewer manholes, installation of 94 linear feet of steel casing for the sewer line crossing below Westerly Creek, and tying in to the City’s existing sanitary sewer. 

The City of Denver took the opportunity to fund this project since a large portion of Westerly Creek was going to be disturbed with our existing contract with Urban Drainage.  The existing sanitary sewer crossed the Westerly Creek Channel and the line had been exposed with the previous floods.  The City of Denver wanted to realign the existing sewer line so that it would not be compromised with future flooding events.